Meeting 001

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Date & venue

18/11/2015, Kavallier ta' San Ġakbu, Valletta


  • Tony Micallef (President)
  • Neville Borg (Secretary)
  • Toni Sant (Board Member)


  1. Introductory note to Wikimedia Community Malta
  2. Mediawiki discussion
  3. Plan of action for 2016
  4. 'Promote your VO' call
  5. Accounting & administration
  6. Other matters


Item 1: Intro note to WCM - the association is in the process of being registered formally with the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector. An information page/section about all this will be available shortly through the About link.

Item 1: Intro note to WCM - the association will use Maltese as its default language and make available Maltese texts in English whenever possible; either through translation or by offering an English language page relating to specific cases.

Item 2: Mediawikidiscussion - it was agreed that this would become a standing item for each meeting to ensure that knowledge transfer on basic (and eventually advanced) wiki practice is shared openly from meeting to meeting.

Item 3: Plan of action for 2016 - a Plan of action for 2016 page has been created and further work on this will take place over the coming days/weeks. All board members will be inputting ideas into the plan before the next meeting.

Item 4: "Promote your VO" - Neville will submit an application to the MCVS for funds from this scheme by the deadline (25 November 2015). Toni will assist as/if needed.