Meeting 035

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Date & venue

Thursday 22 August 2019 at 4.00pm, St James Cavalier


  • Neville Borg
  • Toni Sant
  • Elyse Tonna
  • Tony Micallef
  • Andrew Pace


  1. Pending matters and actions from previous meeting (Meeting 034)
  2. Projects: Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 (see Talk:Wiki_Loves_Monuments#WLM_2019_Planning)
  3. Activities: Meetups & HELA meetups
  4. Any other business
  5. Date of next meeting

From previous meeting (Meeting 034)

  1. ACTION: 2018 WMF Affiliates Report must be completed by 1 August 2019 (currently still in draft).
  2. ACTION: 2019 WMF Affiliates Report must be started by 1 August 2019.
  3. ACTION: TS will draft Activities 2019-20 ahead of submission to Spazju Kreattiv for renewal of collaboration agreement.
  4. ACTION: Neville will liaise with Spazju Kreattiv to submit the necessary documentation for the renewal of the collaboration agreement.
  5. ACTION: Elyse will be speaking to HELA to confirm the upcoming meetup to be held on 31 July at Studio Solipsis and create a Facebook event page.


  1. Toni & Neville will be working to complete Activities 2019-20 to be submitted as part of the renewal of the collaboration agreement with Spazju Kreattiv.
  2. A WLM Rapid Grant was submitted but it was requested that the grant request amount be lowered in line with applications from other WLM applicants. Neville will be amending this accordingly.