Meeting 062

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Date & venue

Tuesday 22 March 2022 - 10.30am CET Google Meet


  • Neville Borg
  • Toni Sant
  • Tony Micallef
  • Enrique Tabone


  1. Pending matters and actions from previous meeting (see below)
  2. Administrative matters [1]
  3. Plan_of_action_for_2022 / Activities_2021-22
  4. Activities at VDC
  5. Activities: Meetups
  6. Activities: Wiki Loves Folklore 2022
  7. Projects: CEE Spring 2022
  8. Projects: WPWP + Wiki Loves Earth Summer 2022
  9. Projects: Wiki Loves Monuments 2022
  10. Projects: Wikipedija u l-ilsien Malti
  11. Reporting: 2022 WMF Affiliates Report (due 1 August 2022)
  12. Any other business
  13. Date of next meeting

From previous meeting (Meeting 061)

  1. Neville to confirm enrollment of WCM with SCH register of heritage NGOs.
  2. Toni to continue liaising with National Council for the Maltese Language towards national forum.
  3. Toni to set up meeting with the team behind the call for smaller language wikis to participate in the technical capacity-building program
  4. Neville and Toni to submit WLM 2021 grant report.
  5. Toni and Enrique to evaluate requirements, seek quotes for professional accounting services and proceed securing services for 2022.
  6. Neville to set up standing order for payment of WCM administrator.
  7. Toni to officially register CEE Spring 2022 participation.
  8. Toni and Neville to discuss Wiki Loves Earth, in conjunction with WPWP, with John Cummings.


Date of next meeting

April 2022