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* [[:wikipedia:Wikipedia:References|Wikipedia:References]] + [[:wikipedia:WP:MOS|WP:MOS]]
* [[:wikipedia:Wikipedia:References|Wikipedia:References]] + [[:wikipedia:WP:MOS|WP:MOS]]
* '''[[:wikipedia:Special:ContentTranslation|Wikipedia Content Translation Tool]]'''
* '''[[:wikipedia:Special:ContentTranslation|Wikipedia Content Translation Tool]]'''
=== Slides ===
* [http://www.tonisant.com/wiki/Wikiworkshop-2021.pdf Day 1 - pdf]
* [http://www.tonisant.com/wiki/Wikimalta%20intro%20-%202021.pdf Day 2 - pdf]
== Language tools ==
== Language tools ==

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Wikimedia Community Malta recognizes that significant work on the Maltese-language Wikipedia is only possibly by engaging translators. To this end, the organization works closely with the Language Office of the European Commission Representative Office in Malta to facilitate engagement within the sector.

Wikipedia training for translators

WCM's first public engagement with Wikipedija took the form of a presentation delivered by Dr Toni Sant during a seminar on translation organised by the European Commission's Representative Office in Malta at Europe House in Valletta on 24 November 2018. The presentation was called Using Wikipedija to engage with digital prospects for the Maltese language.[1]

This was followed up with a Wikipedia Editing Workshop for Translators at the University of Malta on 17 January 2019.

Subsequent opportunities for translators are captured on this page, starting with an initiative associated with Wikipedija:Wikipedia 20. To celebrate Wikipedia's 20th birthday WCM launched a campaign in 2021 to translate/create 20 essential articles on 20 vital subject that any encyclopedia should contain.

21 + 22 January 2021

Goal for these sessions:

to skill up new Wikipedia editors while creating and improving Maltese-language Wikipedia pages as part of the Wikipedija:Wikipedia 20 campaign.

Before the workshops:

If you like, you can also learn a little about editing ahead of time here or here.

If you really want to get ahead of the curve, see Getting started on Wikipedia for more information.

The Maltese-language version of the tutorial pages are still in need of substantial attention from translators.


Day 1 - Hour 1: General induction and orientation to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects
Day 1 - Hour 2: Exploring the subject area/s of interest to the participants in the room (inc. coffee break)
Day 1 - Hour 3: Preparing to translate specific Wikipedia pages
Day 2: Applying skills and knowledge acquired during the previous day's session

Useful links mentioned during the workshop


Language tools

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Other articles of interest