AGM 2019

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This Annual General Meeting covers the period 1 January - 31 December 2019.

Date & venue

Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 10:00am - St James Cavalier Boardroom


  • Tony Micallef (President)
  • Neville Borg (Secretary)
  • Toni Sant (Board Member)


  1. Update from previous AGM
  2. Annual Report documentation
  3. Maintenance of archive for WCM administrative documentation
  4. Expansion of Board
  5. Plan of action for 2020
  6. Accounting and administration
  7. Any other matters

Outcomes & Actions (currently from previous AGM)

Item 1: Update from previous AGM All actions from the previous AGM were carried out in a timely manner.

Item 2: Annual Report documentation The WCM 2018 Annual Report documentation was presented and approved by all board members.

Item 3: Creation of archive for WCM administrative documentation An archive for WCM administrative documentation has been created. All members have access to this archive and will be able to upload and access any material, as necessary.

ACTION: Andrew will develop a taxonomy for the archive and all board members will start working to upload administrative documentation.

Item 4: Expansion of Board The expansion of the board and the development of a membership scheme was discussed. It was agreed that a membership scheme is to be explored and remains as an area of development for the action plan in 2019.

ACTION: This will be made a standing item at board meetings with the developing a membership scheme by the next AGM. Neville will be exploring how other Wiki User Groups manage their membership schemes and deliver an update at the next board meeting.

Item 5: Plan of action for 2019 The development of a membership scheme will remain as an area of development within the action plan

ACTION: Women in Red will be a regular consideration for meetups.

Item 6: Accounting and administration Nothing further to discuss.

Item 7: Other matters Nothing further to discuss.