General Introduction for New Wikipedia Editors

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A general introduction for new Wikipedia editors is a type of workshop conducted regularly by Wikimedia Community Malta.

See the full list of Wikipedia Editing Workshops from WCM.

The first two sessions in this series were very generic capacity building exercises leading to a session on Wednesday 6 April 2016. After a tour de table from all the attendees, Neville Borg gave a presentation about Wiki Loves Monuments to gauge interest from attendees regarding the possible involvement of systematic entries from Malta facilitated by WCM in 2016 and beyond.


  1. Neville Borg
  2. Edwin Balzan
  3. Mauro Calleja *
  4. Pierre D’Amato
  5. Elisa Von Brockdorff *
  6. Justin Galea
  7. Enrique Tabone *
  8. Toni Sant
  9. Caldon Mercieca
  10. Clint Calleja *
  11. Joe Julian Farrugia
  12. Tony Micallef

* denotes attendee who came to the session without a registered account but registered during the session.

Wiki Loves Monuments