Meeting 019

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Date & venue

13/04/2018, Kavallier ta' San Ġakbu, Valletta


  • Tony Micallef (President)
  • Neville Borg (Secretary)
  • Toni Sant (Board Member)
  • Andrew Pace


  1. Update from previous meeting
  2. Mediawiki discussion
  3. Wiki Loves Art
  4. Accounting and administration
  5. Other matters


Item 1: Update from previous meeting - no updates to report.

Item 2: Mediawiki discussion - WikiMalta's Mediawiki was updated to a newer version (version 1.30.1).

  • Andrew will be removing spam accounts that have been created in advance of the next meeting.
  • The option of opening up registrations again in the future was discussed. This will be explored further over the coming meetings.

Item 3: Wiki Loves Art -

  • Following the Art+Feminism workshops held in March the M3P Foundation, together with the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, is planning a follow-up editathon related to Maltese Ceramists.
  • The Art+Feminism dashboard lists contributions throughout the editathon. A thorough review of the editathon will be held in the upcoming week.
  • It was agreed that we should create a programme of editathons and meetups for the rest of the year.

Item 4: Accounting and administration - nothing to report.

Item 5: Other matters - One of the participants in the Art+Feminism editathon is interested in continuing their active engagement through formal work on Maltese language Wikipedia. The following links are relevant in this context: