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The second edition of Wiki Loves Folkore in Malta was organised during the first months of 2023. This is an international photographic contest organized annually at Wikimedia Commons to document folk cultures and intangible cultural heritage in different regions of the world. Wikimedia Community Malta organized this as a follow up to first edition for this contest in Malta in 2022.

This photography contest is focused on aspects of intangible cultural heritage in different regions in categories, such as, but not limited to: folk festivals, folk dances, folk music, folk activities, folk games, folk cuisine, folk wear, folklore, and tradition, including folktales, legends, traditional song and dance, folk plays, games, seasonal events, calendar customs, folk arts, folk religion, mythology etc.

As the contest takes place throughout the months of February and into March, in Malta the focus is particularly on the Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck, Carnival across Malta and Gozo, and preparations for Lent and Holy Week. However, this focus is not meant to exclude other topics of interest. Here are some of the boarder intangible cultural heritage categories accepted within this contest: folk art, folk dance, folk festivals, folklore, folk games, folk groups, folk museums, folk music (especially għana), religious traditions, traditional music, and traditional food, among others.

Wiki Loves Folklore also extends to the related activity called Feminism and Folkore, which is an international writing contest organized at Wikipedia annually around the same time to document folk cultures and women in folklore in different regions of the world. However, the theme here is very loose and a wide range of articles dealing with feminism (but not folklore) and folklore (without a feminist focus) are also included.

WLF 2023 in Malta: Finalists and Winners


National contest

Prizes for the 2023 edition of Wiki Loves Folklore in Malta are administered by Wikimedia Community Malta and are partly funded through a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation:

1st prize: €200 worth of photographic equipment and/or services from PhotoCity of South Street, Valletta
2nd prize: €100 worth of books published by Kite Group, Midsea Books and/or Merlin Publishers (or €50 gift card from Amazon)
3rd prize: €50 worth of books published by Kite Group, Midsea Books and/or Merlin Publishers (or €25 gift card from Amazon)
Top 10 consolation prizes: Wikimedia Community Malta goody bag at Malta Book Festival 2023
Top uploader prize: €50 voucher from a local book publisher (or €25 gift card from Amazon)

International contest

All 159 images submitted for Wiki Loves Folklore 2023 in Malta are also entered for the international contest. These are the prizes for the international contest, which will be announced in July:

  • 1st prize: $400 USD
  • 2nd prize: $200 USD
  • 3rd prize: $100 USD
  • Top 10 consolation prizes: $10 USD each
  • Best Video prize and best Audio prize: $25 USD (each)
  • Top uploader prize for images: First Prize $100 USD, Second prize $50 USD
  • Wiki Loves Folklore Postcards to top 100 Uploaders

These are dispersed in a gift card or voucher format by the international organizing team, not by Wikimedia Community Malta.