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Zoom Chat from CEE Online Meeting 2020

Sunday 4 October 2020 - during a panel discussion with Toni Sant, Neville Borg, and Davide Denti
11:04:36 From Nick Fenikals : Do you really have only 3618 articles in your language?
11:11:39 From Nick Fenikals : And i am Fenikals from Esperanto Wikipedia
11:20:19 From zBlace : Excelent point and metaphore! Leaves are not enough! Quality is important!
11:20:45 From zBlace : (some parts of lists are really bad)
11:20:59 From Nick Fenikals : What parts?
11:21:02 From philip.kope[email protected] : some of them haven't been updated in years
11:21:02 From zBlace : (as well as not urgent)
11:21:26 From Davide D. (User:Dans) : @nick yes, 3816 articles all included
11:21:50 From zBlace : (they should help with CEE deficits and adress gaps)
11:22:49 From [email protected] : so mt.wikipedia grew by about 3% during CEE Spring
11:23:42 From Wojciech Pędzich : That's a positive aspect of CEE Spring, something to showcase - helping smaller projects grow rapidly.
11:25:38 From Jetam2 : Thank you for the talk, team Malta
11:26:53 From Viktor Semeniuk (Visem), Ukraine : Thank you, nice to hear about Malta
11:27:17 From Марк Екимов : team Malta, thanks, you are great
11:27:37 From abartov : thank you for this very interesting talk! The point about needing a "quality strategy" even in a small Wikipedia is very valuable.
11:27:46 From Mykola : I can but I am muted
11:28:30 From Nick Fenikals : There are no ability to protect Crimean Tatar language during the Russian occupation
11:29:27 From Kiril Simeonovski : Nick, please refrain from words like "occupation" on sensitive topics. Thank you.
11:30:21 From zBlace : EXACTLY
11:31:18 From philip.[email protected] : I'm raising my hand, Wojciech ;-)
11:31:33 From Wojciech Pędzich : Sure, Philip, I will put you on the list :)
11:31:37 From Jetam2 : May i suggest trying to find a way to refer to what you are reacting to when responding in chat? Maybe using @ or some kind of other way<
11:32:23 From Mykola : We used stuff like pageviews of most edited pages, which are good proxies
11:32:39 From Mykola : of course it would be great if we can coordinate this next year
11:32:53 From Zoran Dori : Jetam2: Good question, I would like to respond it on break with my ideas.
11:33:14 From Zoran Dori : *on it while break
11:33:29 From Mykola : for instance, we have a list of 500 vital Ukrainian articles that we can share
11:33:39 From [email protected] : that would be awesome
11:33:54 From [email protected] : creating that on Meta with the CEE template would be great
11:33:57 From Mykola : that's still 500, but you can identify the biggest stubs / the most red links
11:34:18 From Марк Екимов : hey, I can't unmute myself
11:34:45 From Wojciech Pędzich : alreready speaking - sorry for the delay on my side
11:34:52 From Mykola :Вікіпедія:Проект:1000%2B500%2B/500 (the Ukrainian 500 list)
11:35:03 From Mykola :Вікіпедія:Проект:1000%2B500%2B/500
11:35:48 From Serhii Petrov : @Mykola use id of the page
11:35:54 From EN<>RU interpreter : Bashkir community talked about the same during last week's Wikimedia Russia ConferenceВики-конференция_2020/Программа/en If interesting, I can send link to my English interpretation of this (available on Commons),
11:36:02 From Mykola :
11:36:43 From Camelia Boban : WikiDonne UG collaborated with Davide, who participated to many our initiatives about (maltese) women biographies. Happy to do it again
11:36:55 From Jetam2 : In my opinion, the contest-ness of CEE Spring results in shorter articles almost by default. Most people spend their time on quantity of new rather than comprehensiveness of a topic.
11:37:18 From [email protected] : depends on the criteria Jetam, you can set a minimum of words
11:37:37 From Zoran Dori : Anton has raised the hand
11:37:55 From abartov : (unrelated technical question: is the number of participants actually undercounting, because there's another set of Russian speakers listening in? If so, how many people have been that other set, on average?)
11:38:01 From EN<>RU interpreter : Vital articles is the way to go was the decision of the participating Wikimedia Languages of Russia community
11:38:22 From abartov : Thank you, Farkhad, for relaying these contributions!
11:40:30 From EN<>RU interpreter : Amir has spoken well about MT use in ContentTranslation for contests et al.
11:40:47 From Jetam2 : @philip: you could set word limits but I do not think it happens nor that it should. Let people create what they want. There :were some long articles on but most (including me) rather wrote more shorter ones.
11:41:19 From [email protected] : there is a 300 word minimum on German Wikipedia
11:41:42 From zBlace : YES - but with clear justification that can be contested in easy way (lists are not editable or commentable by newbies)
11:42:26 From zBlace : People who are new can not understand how to make lists or edit them!
11:42:48 From Kiril Simeonovski : Asif, it counts all participants, regardless of wherther they're listening to the original talk or the interpreted one.
11:42:57 From Mykola : We made a lot of research to identify underrepresented Ukrainian topics: those that are worth covering but lack interwikis. For instance, would you write about a 1930s MP from a feminist party otherwise? She is not a top-100, and still she has a great notability / existing interwikis ratio
11:44:11 From abartov : Thanks, Kiril.
11:44:56 From Aegis : Claps for Malta! :)
11:46:44 From [email protected] : despite Sicily having a similar colourful history :-)