Meeting 027

Date & venue

9/11/2018 at 5pm, St James Cavalier


Tony Micallef (President)
Neville Borg (Secretary)
Toni Sant (Board Member)


1. Pending matters and actions from previous meeting (Meeting 026)
2. Admin updates
3. Meetups
4. AGM 2018 planning
5. Date of next meeting

From previous meeting (Meeting 026)

1. No response on rapid grant application. Neville is following up as a matter of urgency.
2. Andrew and Toni still working on document repository. This should be created by December.
3. Neville to prepare final 2017 return documents for MCVS as a matter of urgenty, when they will be signed by Neville and Tony Micallef.

The main outcome of this meeting was the finalization of the 2017 documents to return to the MCVS, which are now all completed and signed accordingly and will be sent to the MCVS promptly.