Meeting 033

Date & venue

Monday 10 June 2019 at 5.00pm, Skype


Tony Micallef
Neville Borg
Toni Sant
Elyse Tonna


1. Pending matters and actions from previous meeting (Meeting 032)
2. Admin updates: Plan_of_action_for_2019
:-WM Summit 2019 report (WM Movement Strategy + CEE membership)
3. Admin updates: Membership
4. Activities: Meetups
5. Activities: Women in Red planning (wikipedia:Wikipedia:WikiProject_Women_in_Red/Meetup/125)
6. Projects: Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 planning
7. Any other business
8. Date of next meeting

From previous meeting (Meeting 032)

ACTION: 2019 WMF Affiliates Report will be completed by 1 August 2019.
ACTION: A category on Commons for photos taken at WCM activities has been created ( This will continue to be populated with photos from past WCM activities in advance of the next meeting.
ACTION: All members will review the list of candidates for Affiliate-selected Board seats for the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees over the coming days. Neville will be submitting a vote on behalf of WCM before the end of May.
ACTION: Toni will be working on getting Malta included in the list of countries in relation to Women in Red – Women from Central and Eastern Europe.
ACTION: A sub-committee composed of Elyse, Neville and Andrew will start planning Wiki Loves Monuments 2019. Preparations will commence over the coming weeks.


ACTION: Photos from WCM events will be uploaded to the Commons category (
ACTION: Elyse will be speaking to HELA to integrate Women in Red Mediterranean geofocus in the upcoming meetup that will take place at the end of June.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 18 July 2019, Skype at 5pm