Meeting 005

Date & venue

07/03/2016, Kavallier ta’ San Ġakbu, Valletta


Tony Micallef (President)
Neville Borg (Secretary)
Toni Sant (Board Member)
Justin Galea (Fondazzjoni Kreattività)


  • Update from previous meeting
  • Mediawiki discussion
  • Plan of action for 2016 – Draft collaboration between WCM and Fondazzjoni Kreattivita’
  • Accounting and administration
  • Other matters


Item 1: From previous meeting – There are no updates to report.

Item 2: Mediawiki discussion – There are no updates to report.

Item 3: Plan of action for 2016 – Toni gave a brief overview of the workshop that will be held on Wednesday 9th March. A follow up session is being planned for Saturday 19th March.

Item 3: Plan of action for 2016 – The proposed collaboration agreement between WCM and Fondazzjoni Kreattivita was discussed. Some minor changes were proposed and will be coordinated together with Fondazzjoni Kreattivita, in view of signing the agreement shortly.

Item 3: Plan of action for 2016 – The possible involvement of WCM with the Europeana 280 Art History project was discussed. The project will start on Friday 15th April and will run through the end of May. It was agreed that WCM should participate within this project. Neville will be speaking to the project coordinator to organise this activity.

Item 4: Accounts and Administration – A declaration clarifying a minor issue within the WCM statute was discussed. This declaration was signed by Tony, Neville and Toni.

Item 5: Other matters – There are no updates to report.