Meeting 012

Date & venue

20/12/2016, Kavallier ta’ San Ġakbu, Valletta


Tony Micallef (President)
Neville Borg (Secretary)
Toni Sant (Board Member)
Raffaella Zammit (Gabriel Caruana Foundation)
Andrew Pace


  1. Update from previous meeting
  2. Mediawiki discussion
  3. Plan of action for 2016 – Wiki Loves Monuments finalisation
  4. Knowledge Organisation Systems seminar – February 2017
  5. Membership scheme
  6. Accounting and administration – bank account
  7. Other matters


Item 1: Update from previous meeting

Item 2: Mediawiki discussion – There was a discussion on whether the WCM email address should be listed on its Facebook and Twitter pages. It was agreed that this would not be ideal for the time being in order to minimise the amount of spam received on the WCM wiki page.

Item 3:Plan of action for 2016 – Wiki Loves Monuments finalisation – a discussion on the aftermath of Wiki Loves Monuments was discussed. It was agreed that the contest was a resounding success, with over 1,100 photographic submissions from 80 users. Toni mentioned that since much of the organisational and administrative work was carried out by one person (Neville), there were certain difficulties that arose in the aftermath, particularly in terms of communications, announcing winning photographs etc. More time needs to be dedicated to promoting the contest next year. Tony suggested closer collaboration with local photographic societies.

Item 4 – Knowledge Organisation Systems seminar – February 2017 – Plan of action for 2017 – Neville explained that a seminar on Knowledge Organisation Systems is being planned together with for 1-3rd February 2017. Neville is in touch with Prof. Milena Dobreva to coordinate the seminar. A number of prominent international Wikimedians are being invited to participate in the seminar. This seminar will consist of a closed meeting, a public debate on the value of documenting heritage through Wikipedia, and a Wiki-editing workshop.

It was suggested that there is potential for collaboration with the Gabriel Caruana Foundation (GCF). It was agreed that the printed photos from Wiki Loves Monuments Malta will be exhibited at GCF for a period of 2-3 weeks starting the end of January 2017. Furthermore, the possibility of holding a workshop at GCF as part of the seminar was discussed. Neville and Raffaella will be discussing this further over the coming days and weeks. This may potentially tie into a larger Wiki Loves Art project.

Item 5 – Membership scheme – this is currently on hold until minor issues related to the WCM bank account are resolved.

Item 6 – Accounting and administration – a bank account has been opened in the name of Wikimedia Community Malta. Certain related administrative issues are being resolved at the moment.