Meeting 023

Date & venue

18/09/2018, Skype


Tony Micallef (President)
Neville Borg (Secretary)
Toni Sant (Board Member)
Andrew Pace (M3P Representative)


1. Pending matters from previous meeting
2. Discuss potential WLM judges and other matters
3. Meetups
4. Date of next meeting


1. WLM judges were discussed and finalised. It was agreed that Neville and Toni would be speaking to respective potential jurors and providing an update during the next meeting
2. An administrative issue arose relating to the status of WCM’s reporting with the Wikimedia Foundation. It was agreed that Toni would be addressing this issue.
3. Neville will be contacting the Rapid Grants team at the Wikimedia Foundation to determine whether it is possible to make use of leftover funding to be used for WLM prizes.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 2nd October 10am