Meeting 024

Date & venue

02/10/2018, Skype


Tony Micallef (President)
Neville Borg (Secretary)
Toni Sant (Board Member)


1. Pending matters from previous meeting
2. Finalise WLM judges + prizes
3. Admin updates
4. Meetups
5. Date of next meeting


1. WLM 2018 list of judges confirmed. – Neville to contact them and update board
2. Rapid grant required for WLM 2018. – Neville to complete and submit promptly
3. Prizes to be announced (with budget) asap over the coming days. – Neville to coordinate
4. Toni to update WLM 2018 page on WCM wiki
5. Toni to take responsibility for annual WMF reports
6. WCM year to be from 1 August – 31 July — statute may need amending at AGM
7. Annual report for MCVS to be completed and signed by 20 October and discussed immediately after Meetup 003
8. Toni to establish document repository with Andrew for all PDFs to be centralized and made available as needed