Meeting 018

Date & venue

1/11/2018, Kavallier ta’ San Ġakbu, Valletta


Tony Micallef (President)
Neville Borg (Secretary)
Toni Sant (Board Member)


  1. Update from previous meeting
  2. Mediawiki discussion
  3. Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 review
  4. Art & Feminism editathon
  5. Accounting and administration
  6. Other matters


Item 1: Update from previous meeting – It was agreed that the frequency of WCM board meetings shall be set to every other month for a frequency of a minimum of six meetings per year. Extraordinary meetings shall be organised as required.

Item 2: Mediawiki discussion –

Neville has renewed the domain “”, at his own expense. He will be presenting a request for reimbursement.
The presence of a number of spam pages on the website was raised. The team will be deleting these pages over the coming days.
Toni and Andrew will be updating MediaWiki to Special:Version 1.30 over the coming days.

Item 3: Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 review –

Item 4: Plan of action for 2018 –

The idea of setting up a regular WikiMeet for local Wikimedians. The first WikiMeet will be planned for 8 February.

Item 4: Art & Feminism editathon – WCM were approached by Blitz to participate in the Art & Feminism project. The idea of this activity forming part of Wiki Loves Art, together with the documentation of the Fondazzjoni Kreattivita collection. A training session for the working group will be carried out on 15 February, whilst an editathon will take place on 9 & 10 March 2018.

Item 5: Accounting and administration –

Item 6: Other matters –

Toni has been invited to lead a workshop in Rome.