Wiki Loves Earth

Wiki Loves Monuments is a global photo contest to promote natural heritage sites around the world. It is the second largest photography competition in the world, after Wiki Loves Monuments.
Wiki Loves Earth was introduced to Malta in 2022.  In 2023, this contest was produced in collaboration with Friends of the Earth (Malta).

The local contest is a selection stage for 15 images to be submitted by WCM for the international contest.

This photo contest comprises two categories:

  1. Landscapes
  2. Details (flora/fauna)

How does it work?

Participants submit photos of relevant natural landscapes, flora or fauna from Malta to Wikimedia Commons using a Creative Commons license throughout the competition. Local winners are then selected by A local panel of judges selects images to nominate for the international contest, where the winners are selected by an international jury.

Competition rules

Every submission must be:

  • Self taken and self uploaded
  • Uploaded during the period between May and July
  • Freely licensed
  • Contain landscape/flora/fauna from a protected natural site or area

Please take photos with GPS turned on if possible.

You can share as many of your photos as you like and these can have been taken at any time, you don’t have to live in Malta to take part. You can also enter images for any of the other participating countries.

When you create a Wikimedia account please include your email address so we can contact you if you win.

Important dates

1 May: Contest opens in Malta
30 July: Contest closes in Malta
August: Contest judging to select Malta top 10 to enter global contest
September: WLE Malta top 15 announced

Current edition

Previous editions

Judges: Anne Marie Apap, John Cummings, Mario Mintoff, Phil Mumby, Toni Sant, and Claire Sinagra; the judging was coordinateed by Enrique Tabone.
Statistics for this edition.

Judges: Davide Denti, Neville Borg, Enrique Tabone, and Marc Tanti; the judging was coordinated by Toni Sant.
Statistics for this edition.

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